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RIP Web-Nuts.Com

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RIP Web-Nuts.Com

Post by Mojo on Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:11 pm

Today is a sad day for me as after ten years, is no more.  The site was originally established as a place for WebTV users to get together in a format where people could post about WebTV, pcs, sports, humor, and just about anything else without having to remain within the confines of WebTV's TOS. 
We made a lot of friends there and we mourned a lot of friends there.  We taught each other about the web and learned a few new tricks.  When we moved on from WebTV, we talked about other things related to PCs and later tablets and so forth. The point is we grew as the times changed.
Some will say web-nuts died when the political sections were added.  There is a case to be made for that but I'm not going to go there.  It was the owner's call and I respected that then and now.
A lot of people are mad about web-nuts shutting down.  I can only offer this.  When you start a website or forum, initially it's your baby.  You nurture it and protect it and foster growth and development.  At some time though, you move on.  I believe this is what happened here.  New roads and avenues opened up for both the members and the owner and those were explored at the detriment of web-nuts.  As far as the timing, I'm sure the shuttering of the WebTV service played into that also.
Bottom line is web-nuts played a vital role in fostering a community that has been together a long, long time.  10 years in internet time is amazing and the fact that it is over should not detract from that.
To all the web-nuts, I raise my glass in cheers and hope you find a venue to migrate to.
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