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McAfee Plus

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McAfee Plus

Post by Wyz on Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:09 pm

I don't know what piggy-backs it but I'm curious why one "needs"it; it's on both of my computers ( Vista & Win7) and is shows up after I've closed a winder  and there it be telling me that two websites that I normally visit  are bad.

When I do a "trojan/virus" scan those two sites are not on the list of "bad" sites; what's up with that particular program? 

Now, I will admit BFG ( Big Fish Games) seems to set off AVG's clock on occasion, but that usually has to do with the installer.

Will my PC "blow-up" if I uninstall it? Laughing

Java and Adobe Air keep asking to update too. . .I'm not sure about those two either:?: 

Head Trooper
Head Trooper

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Re: McAfee Plus

Post by Mojo on Fri Nov 15, 2013 6:16 pm

You can uninstall Crapafee in the add/remove section of the control panel and frankly I would remove it if were me as it's not a very good A/V. You mentioned you're running AVG also which could be part of your problem as running 2 antivirus programs tend to bog down the pc and confuse both of them. What I run on my pcs are Microsoft Security Essentials for the Antivirus and Malware Bytes for everything else and of course the built in firewall for Windows 7. Security Essentials is free and there is a free version of MB also but I upgraded to the paid version for the extra real time protection. I'm not that big on AVG anymore because of the false positives it returns and how much malware it misses. The combination of Essentials and Malware Bytes has been all I needed and I haven't had a virus now in several years.

Now Java, Air, and Macromedia Flash should ALWAYS be updated as soon as you get the update notices, especially Java. Java updates usually plug holes that hackers use to control your computers and turn into bot nets to reek havoc on all sorts of websites from government to large private company sites. Over the last 2 weeks alone there have been a few cases of Java exploits in the wild and therefore really need to be addressed ASAP. Adobe Air and Flash should always be updated too for the same reasons but there are fewer current cases of attacks involving those two. Still it's better to safe than sorry.

Stay tuned because I'm working on a story on one of the newest exploits out there. This one is nasty and very serious as it encrypts the files on your hard drive making the drive useless unless you pay the exploiters a ransom starting at 300 dollars and up with no guarantee they will release your drive after payment. The kicker is antivirus usually doesn't detect it and once you have it you're toast as decrypting without the encryption code is very hit and miss.
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Head Trooper

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Re: McAfee Plus

Post by Wyz on Sun Nov 17, 2013 5:36 pm

Ok, I got rid of the McAfee Plus, and right now running a MalwareBytes Full Scan on my Vista ( I'm posting from it); everything else has been updated on the Win7 so that's good to go until next time.

Only thing I need to do now is back it up, and there lies the problem.  I'll post about it in the PC forum, soon.

Wyz alien 
Head Trooper
Head Trooper

Posts : 80
Join date : 2013-10-24
Location : West Coast

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Re: McAfee Plus

Post by Sponsored content

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