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Beware of Snooze Buying

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Beware of Snooze Buying

Post by Wyz on Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:19 am

It's  rather easy to accidentally  buy something while on your Tablet and/or Smartphone and it can have horrifying consequences.

I have a Kindle Fire 1st gen , had  a not quite funny experience that I'm glad I was awake enough to immediately correct.
I was checking out free Kindle books on 7-19-2012:

I was snoozing just before an important meetin' time and had my KF on getting some
free books, and I glanced at the bookshelf screen where a note was posted:

"Problem with your credit card on file"

I looked to see what the problem was, I had accidentally clicked on,

" Fifty Shades of Grey " Bundle $29.99

,while I dozed off, I was trying to stay awake for a meeting. . so it
was a jerk sleep type of deal. ( I don't know how it went through
considering one has to click twice to buy a book!)

After I got over the shock, I immediately tried to get rid of the book
bundle . . whereas they have a way for you to cancel something you
bought the usual way, there isn't anyway that I've found using KF. (
Amazon has since put in a way to cancel "sleep clicks" by going to Manage Your Kindle , and click Return for a Refund )

I physically went to the your account menu and clicked on Your Acct>
Digital Orders to try and delete the Book Bundle. Go to Library and
delete it there.

I still had to call . The number they post to you is an
International phone #! I googled the telephone # and got their 866 [
which is good because I don't have long distance on my phone]

I spoke to Customer Service and we straightened out the whole mess. As I
explained to the person what happened and she thought it was funny too.
I've "bought" 150 free books and I wouldn't of suddenly bought a bundle
for $30 dollars. . especially since I don't read that type of book.

I called my Credit Union, right after speaking with Amazon Customer
Service Rep, to see if I was charged at all for not-enough-funds. NOPE!
Um there wasn't enough money to buy that book bundle which is why it
bounced. ( there was just enough to pay my landline telephone bill whew!
Smile )

Let this be a lesson to you --those who snooze will likely lose some
extra money if one isn't paying attention!  Embarassed  Wink 

I don't know if this method will work with other things one might "sleep-buy" on Amazon;  now when I'm sleepy I set my KF screen to a book I'm reading so that I don't put an extra hole in my wallet. Surprised  Smile 
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