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Electromagnetic Headaches

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Electromagnetic Headaches

Post by Wyz on Wed Jan 08, 2014 6:57 pm

Off and on over the years I've suffered from "mind bending" migraines but recently I've been suffering from more than just that, and I think I've found one recent source causing the extra head pain.. .my Kindle Fire! 

Don't laugh , it ain't funny( as I sit here and chuckle); that's right my Kindle Fire 1st gen and KF HD (2013 Edition) were parked above my head ,as I listened to music from the wee speakers, and fell asleep with them blasting away. The speakers aren't very loud by boombox standards ( noone in their right mind would be playing music that loudly , I hope Shocked  ) , and it's hard to sleep on one's side with headphones on. .I don't care for earbuds.

I experience the occasional "marching"head pains ( front headache moves to the sides , and dashes off to the back before stomping up to the crown) that appears to happen when I pop from one electronic device to another. . be it laptop  or tablet or radio; I don't have a need for a TV anymore.  Mind you it doesn't always happen with just one . . sometimes , for instance last week I had 3 head pains at once;
Sinus headache, Migraine, and what felt like a sledge hammer to the back of my head.  I didn't have any electronic devices that I was constantly in their electromagnetic field.  So I don't understand why it happened. 

The last time I had a Triple Headache  was when we were dropping Daisy-Cutters over Afghanistan (2001) that lasted over 2 weeks. . of solid misery, after they'd stop dropping the bombs.  I don't know how the soldiers over there stood the flashback that must of swept over the area while they waited to storm like angry wasps over the landscape to find/kill Bin Laden.

All this to say if you are experiencing unexplained headaches check where you have your electric devices. . smartphones, tablets, laptops,  ChromeBooks, etc , and that could be one of the causes.

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